South Dakota Grasslands Initiative

About Us

Who We Are

The South Dakota Grassland Initiative is a collaborative network of diverse organizations, agencies, and individuals who support grasslands as a means of retaining prairie ecosystems, both native and restored, while sustaining rural economies and healthy communities.

South Dakota Grassland Initiative welcomes partners from all facets of South Dakota, including those with a focus on our agricultural, environmental, economic, and social components.

Through coordinated efforts focused on our grasslands, we are able to amplify our impact to support both the ecological communities and rural communities that depend on an ecosystem that once made up 95% of our state. 

Central Grasslands Roadmap

Guiding us toward resilient & sustainable grasslands & human communities

The South Dakota Grasslands Initiative supports the Central Grasslands Roadmap and provides strategy and support for efforts related to supporting the roadmap’s efforts in South Dakota.

Our values encompass the preservation of South Dakota’s native prairie ecosystems, emphasizing science-based education and decision-making. They also prioritize acknowledging traditional knowledge, fostering discussions that respect opposing viewpoints, and supporting producers and landowners seeking to enhance grasslands. Furthermore, they recognize the importance of diversified income streams for sustainable agriculture to benefit all South Dakotans, promoting a holistic and balanced approach to land and resource management.

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